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All of my teachings are directly channeled from Spirit. The topics and approaches are information Spirit has deemed as energetically important for soul development for the individuals on this planet at this time. I am simply a conduit relaying information and presenting to those desiring to deepen their connection with our Divine Creator, our God and their own soul’s identity and purpose. I love sharing, mentoring and evolving with my students. I look forward to sharing with you.
Love, SarahSpiritual
Spirit knows no boundaries of state, country, or time. We are all citizens of this planet; We Are All ONE.
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“When the student is ready the master appears.”
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Oct 17 @ 7:30 pm - Nov 21 @ 9:30 pm

Soul Energy

2019 Fall Spiritual Presence Mastery Apprentice Program

This segment of the Spiritual Presence Mastery Program™ is designed to assist you on your path. It is a safe container for self realization, acceptance, emotional & spiritual expansion and deepening your relationship with your Creator. ENERGETIC TRANSFORMATIONAL CONNECTIVITY EXPANSION In the Spiritual Presence Mastery Apprentice Program we’ll be covering these and other topics: Understanding the Self & Releasing Old Paradigms In order to truly transform one must first understand the Self. We will explore Who You Are: the Real of You, the Whole of You, the Soul of You. The next step in the transformation process will be to let go of our conditioning, our old paradigms of thought and behavior. We’ll be filling the conscious mind with the Being that is YOU rather than the conditioned, limited mind that has impeded the expansiveness of your soul. This first class is designed to “connect the dots” of our Journey of Self that was woven throughout the first apprentice series. If you’re willing to create the space to be who you REALLY are this could be the most important two hours of your life! Understanding Spiritual Contracts & the Impact of Past Contracts on Spiritual Advancement To be present in this world we all agree to Spiritual Contracts – not just in this life but in each of our past lives. What have we agreed to; what terms have we fulfilled? What are the impacts of our past Contracts on our present life? We address those questions in this class. Awakening the Soul Energy; Transformative Energy We each have an unlimited supply of divine energy in our soul. We can do ANYTHING with Soul Energy! In this class Sarah teaches how to awaken YOUR Soul Energy and use it in your day-to-day life. You’ll also learn to see the energy around you, see the energy of objects and how to see your own energy. We will be creating streams of energy; working with the Center’s Crystal Energy Grid will be a part of this class as well. Remember, it’s ALL Energy! Transformation and Receptivity: Identify and Live Your Personal Purpose (Understanding the Necessary Steps for Continued Spiritual Growth) To transform you must be receptive to purpose Spirit and the Universe have in mind for you. What IS your personal purpose? What must you do to fulfill that purpose and continue to grow spiritually? Sarah works with you to answer those questions for your soul’s journey. Universal Guidance & Communication An experiential and visceral awakening of your Soul’s ability to ALWAYS be connected to your collective guidance and infinite energetic healing. Identify the ways your collective guides communicate with you. Embrace the interaction of your loved ones, spirit guides, angels and ascended beings. Sarah will teach you ways “your spirits” communicate and how to raise your frequency to receive evidential information. Mastering Healing Energy with Channeled Techniques from Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters We will now connect with Archangel Michael and the healing angelic host to make use of a powerful Energy Healing Technique. Archangel Michael’s Legions of Angels direct the activities of the Blue Lightning as well as the Violet Flame and every activity of the Sacred Fire we may call upon.  This Healing Energy is to awaken the Healer within you and for you to be of service to yourself and of the Light. In this part of the Session you will… • Utilize the Center’s Archangel Michael Crystal Grid as a portal for accessing and amplifying Healing Energy. • Invoke the Divine Law of Forgiveness to ask for purification before healing. • Call upon the protection of the Archangels and invoke the Presence of God for the Healing. • Use Archangel Michael’s Blue Sword to cut cords of low vibrational energy causing the dis-ease. • Learn to use Pillars of Light to transmute and transform the energy around you, sending the Pillars out to transform and shift personal, local, national and international vibrations for the highest good. Remember – EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!  The Adepts, the Sages and the Masters have spent LIFETIMES mastering these practices & teachings. Deepen your understanding & knowledge at this experiential afternoon event! Be The Master of Your Presence We better understand ourselves, discarding paradigms which do not serve us. We recognize the terms of our Spiritual Contract and our purpose in this world at this time. We know how to open a direct connection to the Angels and Ascended Masters to receive their love and guidance. We understand the power of Energy, using it to manifest abundance, heal, and transform ourselves and the world around us. We are ready to become Masters. In this last session Sarah connects the individual elements of the Program, creating a unified approach to Mastery and continual spiritual growth throughout your life.

Congratulations! You are now the Master of YOUR Spiritual Presence!

THIS SERIES WILL BE STREAMED LIVE ONLINE! ATTEND FROM ANYWHERE! Here’s what you’ll be getting in this unique opportunity to study w/ SarahSpiritual: ~ 14 HOURS of LIVE Group Training w/ SarahSpiritual over 7 Sessions ~ Attend in-person or LIVE online! Participate FULLY no matter where you are! ~ Replay class video & audio ANYTIME ~ Access to our specialized Program web site ~ Membership in the Program Online Community Limited spots available Click HERE for Details and Registration


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