SarahSpiritual 2020 Collection

2020 New Year’s Collection

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Jump Start 2020 with Sarah’s 2020 New Year’s Collection
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SarahSpiritual’s 2020 New Year’s Collection is the perfect way to ring in the New Year! The 2020 Collection is a unique blend of products designed for YOU to give 2020 your best start ever!

The 2020 Collection includes:
~ New Year’s Bath

~ Divine Destiny Mist & Oil
~ Metallic Petition Candle
~ Symbolic Intention Paper
~ Crystal Cluster to Focus Your Energy
~ A CD with SarahSpiritual’s 2020 Divine Destiny Daily Messages & Meditation CD w/ Original  SarahSpiritual Spirit-Channeled Songs, & Instrumental Music for Meditation

All the items in this Collection are formulated to enhance the Energy Flow to your Divine Destiny in 2020.
~ The New Year’s Bath clears and calibrates your energetic field to amplify and magnetize your 2020 desires.
~ A spectacular energetic Mist to raise your personal and environmental vibration is included.
~The Divine Destiny Oil can be used on your hands or in an oil diffuser. The Oil is also used to “dress” and energize your Symbolic Intention Paper and any petitions throughout the year.
~ In the onset of the New Year the Metallic Petition Candle and the Symbolic Intention Paper are used to illuminate your intentions (instructions included).
~ The Crystal Cluster is used to focus your Energy on the Intentions you wish to Manifest as part of your Divine Destiny.
~ SarahSpiritual’s CD gives you inspiring Messages to begin your day along with Spirit-Channeled songs and instrumental meditation music to delight you 365 days a year.

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