Personal Messages from THEO
Sheila & Marcus Gillette

Personal Messages from THEO

Sheila & Marcus Gillette/THEO
Personal Messages from THEO
Sunday, September 15; 11 AM – 5 PM
An Intimate, Extraordinary All Day Event!
$177 per Person
The Expedito Enlightenment Center

On Sunday, September 15, Shelia & Marcus Gillette and THEO will gather with a limited number of guests at the Expedito Enlightenment Center.

From 11 AM to 5 PM THEO will deliver a direct personal message to each person attending.

Join us for this extraordinary opportunity to receive personalized guidance from THEO in a heart-centered environment with like-minded people. Your Soul will resonate with messages THEO delivers to others throughout the day in this incredible learning experience!

Click HERE for Registration

Interested in the Destiny By Design Event on Saturday September 14?
Register for both events at once!
Look for the Saturday/Sunday option when registering. 

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