Psychic & Spiritual Cleansing & Protection Class
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SarahSpiritual Class – Spiritual Clearing, Protection & Sacred Spaces

Tuesday May 14; 7:30 PM; $22
7:15 PM Registration / 7:30 PM Class Start
This Class will be VIDEO-Conferenced!
Join us for this Specially Priced class!

Here’s a CODE TO SAVE $8! CLEAR2019

Would you like to learn how to Spiritually clean, clear and protect yourself and your environment?
Are you interested in creating a Sacred Space for your Spiritual Practice?
Join SarahSpiritual for this specially priced class!

In this class SarahSpiritual teaches…
~ Techniques for protection, clearing your energy and maintaining your energetic field.
~ How to check your energy for holes and low vibration attachments
~ Tools and techniques to clear your aura
~ How prayers, words, visualization and rituals can seal you off from low vibrational energies.
~ The most effective ways to protect yourself in your day-to-day life, including how you can create an energy field of protection around your home to maintain your personal Sanctuary.

You’ll also learn the importance of having a “Sacred Space” & the basics of creating one!


Use the Coupon Code CLEAR2019** and SAVE $8! Attend for only $14!
** Be sure to click “Apply” after you enter the code on the Registration page

This Class will be VIDEO CONFERENCED!


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