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SarahSpiritual Class – The Power of Prayers & Rituals for Manifestation

Tuesday Oct. 29; 7:30 PM; $15/19
7:15 PM Registration / 7:30 PM Class Start
Join us for this Specially Priced class!
This Class will be VIDEO-Conferenced

Learn how to focus your intentions and tap into the POWER of selected prayers and rituals with candles for Manifestation!

In this class SarahSpiritual teaches you how to…

  • How to connect with the Angels, Guides and Masters for assistance
  • Specific Candles and Prayers for desired outcomes in love, career, connectivity, money, blockage removal and more
  • Tools to assist with the Manifestation process
  • The importance of a creating a Vision Board and how it assists in the Manifestation Process.
  • How to use a pendulum for clarity to direct your questions to “higher” spirits and beings in order to receive truthful valuable guidance
  • The role Spiritual Cards play and how to interpret the progress of your journey
  • Understand the part Spiritual Cleansing plays in creating the Shift

Join Us & Manifest Through Prayers & Rituals!

Special Savings!
Pre-Pay by Wednesday, Oct. 28 & attend for $15! Save $4!


This Class will be VIDEO CONFERENCED!
Phone teleconferencing also available.


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